UFO Sighting in Vale, North Carolina on December 28th 2011 – It was a black orb that could sense that was following me. It stopped when I stopped and followed until I got into Lincolnton.

I was driving to work early in morning and my radio volume got really low and then it went back to normal. For whatever ever reason I felt like something was watching me. I looked up as I was coming around the bend in the road and above the tree line was a hoovering black orb. The orb then followed me the entire distance of the road and when I came to the end of the road and I was going to make a left turn the orb hoovered above the tree line directly in front of my car. I waited about a minute to see if it may be balloons, but it did not move until I turned left and then it followed me until I got out of the country road and I was about 5 miles from town. I watched as the orb stopped and then abruptly turned back and headed back south going back to the direction that I had just come from. The movement was extremely quick and it looked like it took it maybe two seconds to make the entire maneuver.

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