OBAMA UK TRIP – Enters the Brexit Debate & Meets Queen

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OBAMA UK TRIP – Enters the Brexit Debate & Meets Queen

US President Barack Obama has urged young people to “reject pessimism and cynicism” and “know that progress is possible and problems can be solved”.

Speaking in London, he said: “Take a longer, more optimistic view of history.”

Earlier, the US president visited the Globe theatre and watched actors perform scenes from Hamlet.

It came a day after he said Britain would be at “the back of the queue” for US trade deals if it left the EU. U.S. UK London “United States” “United Kingdom” USA “London England” England British meeting elite leader leadership control power 2016 2017 future eu europe “european union” business partner partnership euro friend friendship future brexit people membership strength agenda news media entertainment “elite nwo agenda” Obama visits Shakespeare’s Globe
No quick post-Brexit trade deal – Obama

His comments angered Leave campaigners. UKIP leader Nigel Farage accused him of doing Downing Street’s “bidding” and “talking down Britain” and Tory Liam Fox said his views were “irrelevant”. In a visit to London, President Barack Obama has argued in an opinion piece that Britons should vote to stay in the European Union rather than pull out. The UK has scheduled a nationwide vote on the issue for June 23.

London Mayor Boris Johnson, writing for The Sun newspaper, implied that Obama was a hypocrite because Washington would never surrender so much power to Brussels, the EU’s de-facto capital. Earlier on Saturday, Mr Obama visited the Globe Theatre, where celebrations marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death are taking place.

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