UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on September 7th 2013 – We seen an oval shaped object that seemed to be reflecting the sky around it if it was not moving we may not of seen it.

We went out on the deck for a smoke and had just sat down and as we were looking across the street and we seen this flying oval shaped object come from the south flying right over top of the legion crossing the street and headed north flying maybe ten feet above the houses across the street. It seemed to have a cloaking device that reflected the sky and clouds around it. If it was not moving I would of never seen it. The object is a ufo man made or et I don’t know. But by the height of the object seems to suggest that it was flying below radar. As such this action would suggest that the object is man made and controlled. Unless the et is not advanced enough to cloak it self from radar. Lol unlikely.

As the ufo flew the cloaking imagine rolled into its self it was really cool to see something like this In our life time. I imagine it would only hold 1or 2 people or it was a drone. It kept heading north until it was out of sight.

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