UFO Sighting in Michigan on May 21st 2016 – Picking mushrooms out on Birch farm saw something hovering that wasn’t a drone

I was just North of Rapid River on birch farm picking mushrooms, not finding many, and I wondered into an open field that served as an ultralight runway years before, and I looked up over the treye line toward the morning sun and saw a large spherical object just chilling a few tree stands over. It warbled a little while hovering for maybe 30 seconds while I stared at it, and accelerated smoothly moving back 5-10 miles back toward Rapid River in a few seconds. Thinking back to this morning I have to believe there was a glint off the thing near the sun that must have been enough to attract my attention. I thought the object was a balloon or a plane or a helicopter at first, it was just hovering though, no trail or noise, and I had noticed a noisey dual prop plane earlier. My feelings about what I saw are simple, just trying to differentiate between an airplane, and superman. Afterwards I thought about traveling that fast. I didn’t really lose sight it justo got to be too small.

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