UFO Sighting in Milford, Ohio on August 15th 1966 – looking out window from bed and saw white saucer with glowing dome emmiting laser with glowing balls moving inside the laser and shot into tree

My parents house sits on a prominent hill overlooking woods to the west. I was going to bed around 10pm and as I got into bed I looked out my second story window to the west and noticed a saucer that was hovering near the top of the tree line. It was hovering above the smaller trees, but level with the canopy of a large oak tree. The saucer shaped object had a dull whitish body and a glowing dome on top. From my distance I estimated the object to be roughly 10-15 feet in size (rather small). A transparent beam (I could see the top and bottom of it) was projecting from the middle of the saucer and ending into the trunk of a large oak tree (approximately 100 year old tree). Round spheres of light were moving along the inside of the beam, and being shot into the tree trunk. The balls were continuous, one after another. After watching in amazement for about a minute I ran to the upstairs balcony and yelled to my dad. He immediately ran upstairs and I brought him to the window to show him but the object was gone. My dad said “ok, go to bed!”

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