Black Triangle Sighting in Coulee Dam, Washington on May 22nd 2016 – Fast low flying, changed directions several times, splashed the Columbia River, hovered, then flew straight up.

First seen with a swirling tail coming in at around a 30-35 degree angle an just stopped. Seemed to hover near switchyard southwest of my location, flew north, dropped at about a 60 degree angle to the river. The lights on it where flashing red white and blue. Another light on the craft seem to be on the bottom and it was a bright white flash it only flashed above the switchyard. Upon touching the water the water swirled and splashed. Then it took straight off up in the air, and made a random series of movements before shooting off faster than any aircraft I have ever seen. Have multiple photos and video of this and several several other craft sightings in the same area. Not all the graphs are the same shape summer triangle summer diamonds couple are disc shaped. No visible doors windows or entry points of any kind Kama I will not be submitting photos with this request. I have submitted photos to agents before they never brought them back to me and I would like to keep my property

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