UFO Sighting in South Pasadena, California on May 22nd 2016 – Object would appear, disappear, then re-appear at a different location.

I was on the computer doing budget numbers for work when my son called me excited to see a UFO in the sky. I leaped up on his behalf but didn’t think much of it. Upon viewing it seemed stationary like a satellite, yet too high for a helicopter, way too high. It was in the eastern sky, slightly south. The more I stared the more colors could be faintly detected by the naked eye. I ran and snatched my 80-200mm zoom on my DSLR. This puts my focal length at 300mm because of DX crop-sensor. Instantly I could detect the true shape of the object. Wheel-shaped with individual lights, or circular globes, which ringed the bottom of the wheel in full circumference, throbbing a burnt orange color, but sometimes white, hard to tell, other times easy to tell when it was orange. After about 7-8 minutes of viewing the object disappear and them reappeared further north, over the San Gabriel mountains when ANOTHER object in identical shape and characteristics, appeared next to it…in the sky probably an inch away which means a mile or two, I’m guessing. The second object didn’t last long then receded away, vanishing. Then nothing in the sky. A minute later the original (I’m guessing) object reappears in the far south. We took more shaky blurred photos and I continued watching until the object receded slowly west for about ten seconds until it vanished completely.

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