UFO Sighting in Cairo, Nebraska on June 20th 2012 – began as a blue light size of a blue reflector and changed to oval shaped ship. Gently laid a deer with folded legs onto the ground

i soo wanted to share an experience both my husband and i have had. We were coming home after a truck pulling contest about 1:30am on hwy 20 heading west, going 60mph when i saw a blue pepsi can color light that morphed right before us and stayed with our speed for about 2-3 minutes or more! It was hovering just above the corn tops just on the other side of the road. I suppose they were checking us out so to speak. The front of the small ship was blinking a bright white, and the rest of the ship was that pepsi blue color. After we both were checking each other out, the ship slowly and carefully lowered a deer that to me seemed to be the size of a fawn with folded legs down to the ground where the deer now full sized ran across the road in front of us. I looked out the back of the truck window and the ship had gone back to the size of a small blue star or light and went on its way continuing along the tops of the corn. Since this incident, we have seen them several times and the last time the body of the small ship it was the same size, but had the blue outline and we could almost see thru it. It was once again close to the road not caring that we saw it. the other blue lights were in a field going up and down as if they were working. Neither of us will forget it. I had a camera with me but was afraid to use it and sooo wish i would have taken a picture of it. We have binos, and camera and cameras on our phones now so we are ready to see more!We also have drawings in our files of various ones that we have seen since!

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