UFO Sighting in Nassau, New York on December 12th 2012 – I have seen very bright thick aerial objects daily and above my local air space during my travels walking and driving. They are thick bright and are by the moon. When I take out a camera they retreat & when I do not take out a camera these objects approao

I do not know if I am filling out the right form however I will include my details here because I was instructed to.

I am writing because I have alien implants inside of myself in subcutaneous locations as well as in between my joints, armpits, spine, neck, eyes, teeth and face. I am a very light sleeper but since December 2012, I have fallen asleep completely unaware of my surroundings. I wake up as if I awoken from a surgical procedure. What I conclude is that I am administered a form of anesthesia as I sleep. This claim is supported by the fact that my cotton sheets have a thick film of oil on them which speaks to gas.

I have implants in places I have never had surgery such as my skull face, ears, nose, shoulders, spine, buttocks,vaginal areas they are every where. Typically when abductees provide testimony they speak of being implanted with one device for tracking purposes. When clearly I am implanted not just for tracking and monitoring but as a means to modify my behavior. It seems the military is working with aliens to achieve that aim.

I had a profession in the public sphere as a singer and community outreach professional and these implants are used to distort my looks, impact cognitive functioning and artistic creations for political, racialized and market place reasons. So when we think of Aliens based on my case the public needs to start thinking so Aliens as a tool to violate the civil rights of people and crucify members from the protected class. Aliens are being used to help the government infringe on the rights of human beings and to perversely retool the idea of Affirmative Action. Therefore, when we reframe the way in which Aliens are discussed a whole door will burst open with regards to UFO testimonies.

The Aliens are the new KKK and skinhead and when any one looks at my radiology scans this proclamation rings loud and clear. I have four types of radiology scans which show RFIDs, CarbonNano Tubes, nano wires, obvious neuro transmitters, nano stamps, some type of wiring systems around my nose, microfluidics, elastomer actuator polymer based material, nano sensors and artificial muscles/flesh.

Moving forward, I have had providers admit to the existence of implants but with trepidation. For example, one nurse swore that I had surgical procedures in which a rod was inserted into my knee. However, she refrained from discussing the matter when I assured her I did not have surgery and the implants were illegally inserted into my person. In addition, a pain management doctor said my xrays were abnormal, illuminated. That doctor felt the implant in my cheeks however he had no idea what the objects were. Another pain management doctor felt an implant in my knee.

From 1982 I have experienced UFO sightings but I did not write the date, I just took a mental note. In more present times, I seen ETs from 2013 to present. I though what I observed was fake a projection by the military. I never believed what I observed was part of an alien/military project. I strictly believed that the sightings was the working of a military, gov and criminal enterprise. However as some of these implants are so intricately linked and sneakily positioned in my body with no surgery marks, I profess that significant alien involvement is involved with regards to implantation.

I have contacted MUFON because I have tried for three years to get the appropriate assistance and never gained ground. After talking with the state director, I know I am in the right place at the right time ready to make history so I am very blessed and I feel like proclaiming a Martin Luther King refrain because, I finally landed here.

I have an abundance of evidence for all the claims I have made and I can share them with staff.

Thank you for your support and assistance.

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