UFO Sighting in Washington, Washington on August 9th 1979 – three super bright lights,one on each end,one in center. and in between those were smaller lights in groups of two 24 of those

I was living in a trailer off base, near Seattle,Washington I was, 18 years old. I all ways had a 35 mm camera with me then and i owned a car.My roommate George called me all freaked out and excited said he had something to show me? I could tell by the way he was acting, it was something strange. I ask him to just tell me, but he said he couldn’t explain it, but just hurry, and come to the base. I was less than five minutes away. As soon as I got there George was standing at entrance to base, just off street.He shouted! look at the mountains!I did but couldn’t see anything but clouds everywhere,and George said just keep watching!still all excited. Then all of a sudden out of the clouds,that appeared to stretched from mountain top to mountain top.About 1 week later, I was at the 7-11,in front of base.reading a article in back of Omni magazine and here was a story about a pattern of lights that has been seen all over the world. and it described a pattern of lights like a string of pearls.I was a little stunned that’s what we saw! i tried to report to the base and was ready to show them my film but got scared and decided to not say anything. Our unit was getting ready to deploy to japan. I took my car to my sisters house in southern Oregon. for storage. She said she had a book for me when I got there. up to this point only George and i knew of these lights i never told anyone. The book had to do with fallen angels,?and in the back it described a pattern of lights (like a string of pearls) that has been seen all around the world. The photo was left at a friends house and lost.

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