UFO Sighting in Columbia, Tennessee on May 27th 2016 – Blue light w/red and white light that hovered over the road. Did not move at all.

My boyfriend and I were heading south on Highway 31 (aka Nashville HWY) in Columbia TN on Friday May, 27, 2016 around 8:45 PM CDT. There was mid-level cloud cover. About 3 miles away, we saw a pinpoint of blue light and thought it was only an airplane/helicopter, but as we got closer, we noticed the object did not appear to move or change direction. We were even as close to driving under this point of light for around a minute or two. We pulled off to the shoulder of the road in front of Spring Hill High School. I managed to grab my phone, snap a photo and take some video of the object, but the video is only for a few seconds.

The brightest area was a bluish in color. There were tiny red lights blinking on each side.

I felt somewhat nervous. Due to some heavy traffic on the highway, we had to keep moving. We lost sight of the object as we were driving away.

Please note, photos sent are rather fuzzy due to glare. Video is a bit short.

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