UFO Sighting in Springfield, Oregon on March 10th 2016 – they appeared to change shape. There was a big one, then little baby ones around the big one.

Outside smoking a cigarette. I noticed 5 to 7 UFO’s above my house. They have followed me before. I texted my boyfriend. He asked if I had my samsung ipad with me and did I know how to operated the camera. He said start taking pictures. The UFO’s just stayed there. I went out several times during the night and they were still there in the same position. When I went out at midnight or so, they were all gone. My feelings were why are they bothering me again? The only thing I can think of is back when I was pregnant with my 6th child, the doctors wanted to take my blood so they could analyze and extract something from my blood that makes women stay pregnant longer. Maybe the UFO’s are attracted to me for that reason. I don’t know.

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