Build up to WW3 – Global Elite to Double Cross Iran in Grand Chessboard Scheme

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Build up to WW3 – Global Elite to Double Cross Iran in Grand Chessboard Scheme
Following the nuclear deal reached in Switzerland, The New York Times editorial board said the “preliminary agreement between Iran and the major powers is a significant achievement that makes it more likely Iran will never be a nuclear threat.” Alex Jones talks with relocation consultant and publisher of World Affairs Brief Joel Skousen about what he believes is coming in the future for the United States and the world. Since its implementation, Iran has complied with its obligations to neutralize its stockpile of 20 percent enriched uranium; cap its stockpile of 5 percent enriched uranium; not install advanced centrifuges; not install or test new components at its Arak reactor; and submit to far more frequent inspections of its facilities.

But no inspections of Iranian sites will solve a fundamental issue: As can be seen from the North Korean base housing Tehran’s weapons specialists, Iran is only one part of a nuclear weapons effort spanning the Asian continent. North Korea, now the world’s proliferation superstar, is a participant. China, once the mastermind, may still be a co-conspirator. Inspections inside the borders of Iran, therefore, will not give the international community the assurance it needs

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi countered by saying Saudi Arabia is using U.S. weapons in airstrikes against the rebels. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has followed up Senator Tom Cotton’s Iran baiting with a warning: the current deal with Iran on its nuclear program will result in war. American hawks are fuming about the agreed framework regarding Iran’s nuclear program. elite media u.s. usa “united states” secrets truth military “middle east” 2015 2016 surveillance intelligence troops “u.s. army” drone defense “self defense” proof society “secret society” future russia israel deal contract relationship operation force navy war “war games” battle “george soros” airplane enemy autonomous humanity game trendy trending entertainment “elite nwo agenda” expert moscow china chinese movie end game fema camp jade helm 15 blood moons symbolism cern montagraph daboo77 daboo777 anonymous we are change gerald celente trends in the news

The public announcement of the diplomatic breakthrough had barely occurred when the usual suspects mounted a new campaign to undermine the accord. Bill Kristol, editor of the flagship neoconservative magazine The Weekly Standard immediately published a “special editorial” urging Congress to kill the agreement.

Russia is capable of building its own equivalent of Mistral-class helicopter carrier equipped with nuclear power engines as Moscow is aware of the design of the French-made ship, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev told RIA Novosti. Hot on the heels of George Soros’ warnings that we stand on the verge of World War 3, demanding Washington back off its anti-Yuan pressure, it appears “the good guys” are fighting back with their own good-cop, bad-cop propaganda. As Sputnik News reports, General hans-Lothar Domrose, NATO Commander of the Brunssum Allied Joint Force Command, said in an interview with German magazine Focus Online that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a tough-minded, forward-thinking politician who is capable of foreseeing situations, but also regards him as a dangerous “gambler,” who “is willing to use nuclear weapons against NATO troops.” false flag attack

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