UFO Sighting in Laguna Hills, California on May 25th 2016 – White Starlike Moving Object Observed

I was outside stargazing. At approximately 10:55pm PST, I noticed a white starlike object moving from the north to the south in a straight line. The object was visible to the naked eye but I grabbed my Bushnell 7×35 binoculars getting a clearer image of the object. I still could not make out any details because of the white light. I heard no noise coming from the object the entire time it was observed.

I then grabbed my Sony camcorder with night vision to start recording the object. My camcorder uses 8mm tape, has 180x digital zoom, and I used TOTMC 2.0 Video Grabber to convert the 8mm tape to MPEG 2 format. The tape can easily be checked confirming my video is not a hoax.

I recorded the object for a little over a minute. At the 57 second mark the object begins to fade and disappear even though it still has not passed over me. I go to full zoom (180x) and then pan out but I still cannot recapture the object. This is why the video gets grainy. At approximately the 1 minute mark, I put the camera down in attempt to regain visual contact both with the naked eye and my binoculars. I am unsuccessful and the object has vanished in front of my very eyes. I estimate the object disappeared when it almost directly overhead.

I am also uploading additional videos that were taken the next night of conventional (commercial and private) aircraft flying near my home. I took these videos between 10:00pm PST and 11:00pm PST. Although these planes were flying at lower altitude, I still believe I would have observed the standard navigation and flashing beacon lights that are required on all aircraft, especially when flying in commercial airspace, during my anomalous observation from the night before.

The weather conditions for the evening of 5/25/2016, were as follows:

Clear – no cloud cover
Visibility 10 miles
0.00 precipitation
Temperature 60.1 degrees
Average humidity 55
Pressure 30.7

The weather conditions for the next night were nearly identical.

1) The first video called Jet 1 is a commercial jet flying over my house. The jets usually fly from west to east; coming in from the ocean towards land. This jet was directly overhead.
2)The second video Jet 2, is a plane just coming in from over the ocean heading directly towards my house.
3)This third video is the same jet as above but now its flying directly overhead
4)The fourth video is a propeller driven aircraft that was flying from north to south towards the rear of my house.
5)Finally, the last video is of the UFO. It was traveling from north to south but in the front of my house.

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