UFO Sighting in Largo, Florida on May 26th 2016 – Many times brighter than a star with no noise or blinking lights.

I went out side to turn off my sprinkler. I looked up and saw this bright object many times brighter than a star but it was moving. We have many jets fly over our home to land so I knew it wasn’t a plane. It made no noise. I was going ot get my camera but didn’t want to leave because I kept looking to see if it had any red or blue blinking light. But nothing like that. It was moving quickly. The thing that most bothered me was how bright it was. It moved in a straight line, NE#, untile it went out of sight. It was only visable for less than one or one and a half min. When I went inside I told my wife I saw a UFO and of course she told me I was..you know the rest.

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