UFO Sighting in Omaha, Nebraska on March 23rd 2015 – I photographed this by accident while taking pictures of the rings that were around the sun that day.

I was parked in back of Benson West Elementary waiting for my grandchildren when I noticed that there were interesting rings around the sun. I stepped out of my van and snapped three pictures in quick succession and got back in the van. That night I told my daughter about seeing the rings and she said, “Oh, did you get any light orbs in your photos?” stating that she often did while photographing chemtrails. We looked and sure enough there was a tiny white orb west of the sun. The odd thing at first was how the location of the orb moved what it’s have been miles at that distance in the few seconds it took to take the pictures. I zoomed in on the orb and I got a chill when in one of the pictures the orb had split perfectly in half!
Note here: I’m trying to add the photos, it says one of them uploaded but I can’t get the other two to load! Now I wish I had put in the photo of the split first!!
If I can’t get it to load next try I will submit this and anyone who is interested can email me for the other two pics.

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