UFO TV Report: New NRK TV Report On the 1975 Espevær, Norway, UFO Ring

27 May 2016
(NRK, Oslo, Norway)
The UFO ring was discovered in early October 1975.
Espevær (island) is situated 17 kilometresnorth-west of Haugesund, on the west coast of Norway.
The Espevær UFO ring can be found at these coordinates:
59°35’42.50″N 5°8’51.40″E (Google Earth).

NRK (Norsk Rikskringkasting) is Norway’s state broadcaster.

“Dronefilm fra Espevær – april 2016”
(“Drone Film from Espevær – April 2016”)
Published by John Elter on 24 April 2016


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Aina Størksen, owner of the website, “UFO-RINGEN”
(uforingen.com) (youtube.com image)

The October 1975 Espevær, Norway, UFO ring
(Google.com/Panoramio.com photo)

A delegation from the Norwegian Armed Forces investigating the Espevær UFO ring on 22 April 1976 (photo from the newspaper, Bergens Tidende) (neti.ws image)

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