Black Triangle Sighting in Knoxville, Tennessee on May 29th 2016 – Dad called me outside and when I came out there were three lights pulsating and moving together, triangle form, very large

1: I was inside in my room when my dad called me outside.
2: My dad had gone out to get a briefcase out of the car, and he looked up and saw them. Then called me outside.
3: I had no clue what it was. Unidentifiable of course.
4: It was a very large triangle. You could see three lights which was how we identified it. Each side looked to be over a mile long at the least. You could see a slight outline that was a bit lighter in color than the night sky. It was moving in a straight line, then took a slow turn to head North East. it was flying too perfectly synchronized to be planes or helicopters to be it. Also there were no blinking lights.
5: At first I was thinking to myself “holy crap I have to get the camera.” I ran to get the closest thing which was my camcorder. I was not able to get a video though. If the picture is too dark it cannot take a video. I was amazed because, I am a strong believer in aliens, so I never thought I would have an actual sighting. So I was excited and slightly scared at the time.
6: At first the object went behind a tree, but then moved out from behind the tree where we watched it for several minutes before it suddenly started a slow turn away from us.

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