UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 30th 2016 – star-like bright sphere traveling high in atmosphere very fast with unatural directional change

At approximately 9:40 EST I went outside to smoke a cigarette and talk to my boyfriend on the phone. We were talking about the north star and mars over to our left and having a little romantic moment because we were looking at the same star in different places (about 12 miles away.)All of a sudden he pointed out an object and said “do you see that thing?” and I said “yea! its going super fast” that’s when he said he saw it dip down almost in a 90 degree angle but by that time it had gone out of my focal point because I was behind my tall apartment building. He was able to see it for a longer duration because he was in a more open space without buildings and trees. The object was high in the atmosphere and there were no blinking lights. Immediately after I saw the object, I saw a plane fly over. Comparatively, the plane was traveling significantly slower and it was clearly a plane with blinking lights on the wings. The possibility of what I saw being a shooting star or meteor is impossible because this object unnaturally changed flight patterns. Upon telling my mother what I saw when I went inside, I got goose bumps and she could physically see I was excited. I’m sure more people saw the object because I live in a densely populated city and it is memorial day so many people are outside grilling and shooting fireworks.

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