UFO Sighting in Clemmons, North Carolina on May 30th 2016 – Multiple UFO Flight, Signal, and Flash incident.

I was sky watching while smoking a cigarette on my front steps. While noticing that 3 stars looked weird, I turned and looked over the top of my house and noticed a bright star that I thought looked strange as well. I turned back toward the road and looked straight up. That is when I noticed 4 “stars” moving at a high rate of speed across the sky. One “star” stopped low as the other three kept moving until they were straight overhead. The stopped in a crescent formation. I watched as the one furthest east started moving a little more to the south. A few minutes later I noticed something a little dimmer than the “stars” seem to come out of the right side of the center “star” and then follow the center “star” as it moved east a short bit. I then looked back at the 3 original “stars” and noticed that the one that had been flashing very brightly in a multitude of colors had started dimming and the two that were just north of that one seemed to be flashing some Morris Code type of signals. They were all still in the sky outside my house and quite visible when I came in to submit this. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone, but it would not take a picture in the dark.

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