Alien Encounter in Alabama on October 14th 2015 – Figure entered room. Talked. Licked me. I mutated. Figure left.

I was in my home and it was dark when I saw a figure enter my house. It was glowing and was very human-like. At first I thought it was my wife coming home but I later realized it was not. It moved towards me and slid across the floor much like a vampire. It then started speaking in a strange voice. It sounded like a dog being killed. It was very high pitched. It then suddenly changed from an alien voice to English. It said “Hello Jordan. I have come here for you.” The alien then disappeared and evaporated. I then fainted. I was scared throughout the entire encounter and felt extremely nervous. It was scary and i felt like I was frozen with fear. The next day, someone knocked at my door and said they were from the government. They continued to tell me that if I said anything, they would steal my burritos from my cellar and never give them back.

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