Black Triangle Sighting in Belfast, Maine on May 31st 2016 – Pulses of light at a great distance only visible through binoculars

I was observing Mars and Saturn through my binoculars when i noticed a pulse of white light just a bit a ways down and to the left from Saturn. At first i though it was simply a plane, but i continued watching. To my surprise i saw another flash of light, red (as expected) since i though it was a plane, only the light was way to the right from the initial flash. Then i saw another flash of light up above. The flashes of light appeared to be random, and i got the feeling they were outlining a large object. That can’t be though, because this object would have had to have been extremely large, too large to be missed by observations from earth. These lights were not visible to the naked eye, but i could just make them out through the binoculars. I almost got the impression that the object may not even be in our atmosphere. Each flash seemed to be composed of 3 lights in a pyramid or diamond shape. Each flash was a singular color. Red, then white, then dark blue, but random. Could be 2 reds in a row followed by white, etc. I lost it for a few minutes, but was able to find it again farther to the left on the horizon. It was the second most strangest thing i have ever seen in my life. Either i witnessed the first mass supernova in history or something odd was flying about near earth.

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