UFO Sighting in Modesto, California on May 27th 2016 – Light blue like sky! Thought it was a ballon but too big for one! Going south then shot straight up in clouds.

It was going low below clouds thought it was a balloon floating but too big. Dogs balls tennis balls all lined up a foot apart in straight row! That doesn’t happen with a puppy! Talking to friend on phone about it! She was in Las Vegas.It wasn’t too far going over backyard! Then slowly floated sideways then went straight up in clouds fast!

Few days later friends told me about the Patterson siting over the air-force base! 30 miles west! That’s when I realized this thing might be real! The color is like camouflage and the way it floats makes it hard to detect!Keep me posted on any new developments! Were they playing with the dog balls? That was in precision the straight line one foot apart from each! Dogs couldn’t have done that! It also was pointing in a slant the same direction the balloon floated.
The date was the same day I believe it was saw in Patterson! I told my family and some people about the balls and balloon before I ever knew it was on the internet. They can witness to that and on my facebook! They didn’t listen until I showed them a few days later on the internet what it looked like light blue! others saw it too!

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