UFO Sighting in New Jersey on May 31st 2016 – Red and blue lights flickering random, thin sphere like object, got closer to me then lights shone down

It was 20 minutes ago, approximately 9:20 pm. I was carrying my 1 year old daughter, trying to get her to sleep. There was a loud buzzing noise that my daughter noticed first and pointed up to it. It was pretty high at first, and I said “helicopter!” But then it started to zig zag in different directions. I realized it wasn’t a helicopter, but I was too confused and scared to look away. Then it got closer. Very close, about a couple feet higher than the roof of my house, and got louder and brighter. It was clear as day. The stereotypical description that you hear of a UFO, like a large, spinning disc. Then a light flashed down from the object ONTO ME AND MY BABY should I be upset?! I ran with her into my house, then immediately went to the window and it was gone just like that. I feel like my life was just washed out of me. I’ve been in a weird, lethargic state of shock ever since.

(If you need to contact me please do not call my house phone)

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