UFO Sighting in Circleville, Ohio on June 1st 2016 – Very bright light from went to east then suddenly went north east

This happened between 12:20 am and 12:28 am on June 1st 2016. I got bored and went outside to set up my night vision camera for a Skywatch as I was setting it up I noticed a plane in the sky (which was ups I checked with plane finder website) above the plane, I saw a bright white object travel from west to east I would estimate 45,000-50,000 ft since the ups plane was 38,000 ft. when it got in front of my line of sight it got so bright I could hardly look at it and it traveled extremely fast in a north east direction it did not slow down it was a very abrupt turn as it got out of sight it left a tail behind it like a comet would.

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