UFO Sighting in Eagle River, Wisconsin on May 26th 2016 – Large Blue-white Orb – Eagle River, Wisc.

Eagle River, Wisc. date of sighting: 05/26/2016 (10:15pm) conditions: Clear, cloudless night time skies, with no wind whatsoever. (~20 sec. observation).

It was late evening and suddenly I had an ‘strong’ feeling to go outside on my deck and take my new ‘night vision’ scope outside… As soon as I opened up the sliding doors to the deck area and walked out, I immediately noticed a very large Blue/White ‘Orb’ moving in a Northeast direction (above the tree-line about 1/4 mile away). The Blue/White ‘Orb’ was at least 3 times larger and many times brighter than when I’ve observed Jupiter or Venus (closest approximation to relative size is holding an aspirin up at arms length). I immediately turned on my night vision scope and had to re-focus the scope from ‘infinity’ to more of a near-field object to get the ‘orb’ in relative sharp focus. The surrounding edges of the orb were not distinct and were somewhat defused in the night scope. In comparison, if I focus the night vision scope on the stars, the stars are true, sharp ‘pin-points’ of light (of varying brightness).

The color of the orb (sight viewing) was a distinct Blue/White and did not vary in intensity during the ~20 sec. sighting. There was no sound emanating from the object as I could tell. The ‘orb’ continued its trajectory from the Southwest to Northeast until I lost sight of the orb due to trees in the field of view.

This is the third time I’ve observed ‘objects’ at my lake home since my 2003 sighting of a cigar-shaped (pill-shaped) object in broad daylight, 2014 sighting of an orange orb in close proximity (wife also viewed this orange orb with me) and now this 2016 sighting of this particular Blue/White orb.

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