Black Triangle Sighting in Lapeer, Michigan on June 3rd 2016 – Ascended from then hovered over treetops, headed south, followed my car going east, then went west

I was headed south on Roods lake road at with my boyfriend, and just after we passed Haines road, right before we got to the DuPont airport, at approximately 10:50 PM, a UFO ascended straight up from the woods right next to our car, then hovered for about three seconds over the treetops. While I couldn’t make out the shape, there were three distinct lights, arranged in a triangle pattern. At first I assumed it was a helicopter, but this object was incredibly close to us, and was not making a sound, and there was no wind coming from it. The lights were flashing different colors, randomly, alternating between white, blue, green, and red. After it hovered for a few seconds over the treetops, it headed south, towards Bowers road. It passed bowers road and kept going, but as soon as I turned left on Bowers, i saw it also turned left, though still about a half mile south of where I was. It headed north, towards our car, and came within 800 feet of us, before it stopped, swung its tail end around, then headed northwest, towards the DuPont airport, near where we originally saw it. June 2 (the day prior to this incident), I had been feeling uneasy, almost as if I had been being watched, so when this happened, that feeling intensified, along with a bit of anxiety. Ive witnessed UFOs before, and anxiety always accompanied those sightings. We lost sight of the object when we were heading east, and the UFO proceeded northwest. Right after we lost sight of the craft itself, there was a bright flash of red light in its general direction

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