UFO Sighting in Marnay, Bourgogne Franche-Comté on June 3rd 2016 – Bright oval shaped UFO that shot up into space turning circular and then to a dot and disappeared

On holiday with family, sat on the balcony overlooking St Georges Bay near St Julian’s in Malta. The glowing caught my eye emitting from an oval shaped UFO about 650-800 feet above the bay. At first I thought it was strange because I have not seen this aircraft before.
The event must have lasted only 7-10 seconds, it was glowing a bright white light from the body, no details to see other than shape and speed and direction it flew. I watched it for a couple of seconds glowing then soon as I said to my husband “look!” It started to fly up and away, the shape changed from oval to circle as it flew up and away very fast and within seconds was a dot barley visible next to a star, then it disappeared.
I was calm, I then thought I should probably report this to someone, googled it and this site came up as the place to do it. I will report to the police even though I’m sure they will assume I am crazy or drunk – I’m neither, just am English mum on holiday with her family.

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