UFO Sighting in Gulf Breeze, Florida on June 30th 1993 – disc shaped orb with lights on sides and bottom rising and hovering over bridge emitting beam over cars on bridge

While visiting a friend in Gulf Breeze, Florida, while walking in park near the Bay Bridge I saw a single disc-shaped orb come from the East suddenly and coming to a hovering stop over the Bay Bridge. Once coming to a stop roughly 30 ft above the bridge, the object emitted a singular beam of light down upon the bridge…several vehicles crossing the bridge hit their brakes and slowed as the beam followed a particular car for roughly 5 seconds, then moved upward and further along the bridge where it repeated the same activity several times until two helicopters appeared and immediately the object moved slowly across the bridge sideways and bolted upwards and out of view at an incredible rate of speed once one of the helicopters approached. Lights in the park I and two others were walking in dimmed and sirens went off and dogs began barking.

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