UFO Sighting in Hertford, on June 4th 2016 – White Ball Star like Object

This is now the third time I have seen this on the approx same course but a touch higher in altitude each time, I live near Stanstead Airport and the planes start coming in lower to land and at night have their landing lights on and they are a bit dazzling, so I make sure it is not a plane as no other strobe light ect which planes are showing but as it came towards my address from the south west I fired a 5,000 milli watt hand laser in front of it and then behind it and then I fired directly at it but no reaction from it but as I was firing at it a plane coming in a bit low to land at Stanstead had full view of what was happening and I kept the laser beam on the UFO as a warning to the aircraft and they must have seen it as well and possibly used their radio because about 20 mins later another passenger jet taking off from Stanstead flying low heading South then changed course onto the same course the UFO had taken but it could have been coincidence but is this the same UFO it could well be flying the same course each time but a little higher each time.

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