UFO Sighting in Batavia, Illinois on June 5th 2016 – White light in sky became red-orange then dimmed ouy and a dark object became visible.

i am sending this directly from my iphone, unedited. we just took this video of a ufo.
Me and two of my kids(17,20) were leaving chili’s parking lot and i begin to joke with them that it was a perfect evening to see an ufo. I believe in ufo but my kids are totally sceptical about it. We jump in the car and I looked up and saw a light. I continue to joke with them and said, “look there, a ufo….hahahaha”…. but at the time it was only that, a joke. We continued to watch it as it rapidly start to approach us. then the light started to dim out and we could see a dark form over it. My son then started to literally freak out. That thing came about 300 meters from us and it was a dark squared with rounded corners thing, cruising the sky, no sound whatsoever!!!!!!!
The video doesn’t reflect even 10% of the clarity of the sighting. unfortunately phone camaras are horrible, specially at dark.
But it was so clear to us. it seemed to be the size of a car just crusing there, with almost the same color of the background.
My son is still shacking. He never believed in anything paranormal.
I am available to give details if you need.


evandro reis
batavia, IL

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