UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on June 5th 2016 – Seemed to have wings white lights on end, bank of white lights at back and bank of red front flashing, taking turns.

I was at home in the backyard to watch what I could find in the sky that night. Some time after 12 midnight on June 5 2016 as I was looking up I saw what I thought was a plane. After watching it for a minute or two I have never seen a plane like this . Even though I could not make out whether or not it was or was not a plane, it had one bright light on either side of it that stayed on. Back had a bank of bright white lights and the front had a bank of bright red lights that would turn off and on but not at the same time. It never made a sound. But the strangest part was the very large plume of smoke from behind. It came out like it was being painted in the sky. A jet would make it swirl, this did not do that. And it was really not that high in the sky. It went from S.W to N.E. Funny thing is the next day and this week the temps in south Alberta are now a heat wave. The plume of smoke drifted towards the east that night. My first thought was this must be military they are doing chemtrails over us in the dark so we don’t see them. Very very strange craft.
About 10 mints later I saw a very large silvery white light. come from the N.W. going S.E. it was very bright and very very large. At first I thought it was the light from a plane. But soon figured out it was not a plane. No noise at all and was not headed to the airport. It was headed S.E. It had to of been 200 feet or more across. If it had been closer to me by a few clicks it may have lit up the yard it was that bright. Hope to have a night cam next time.

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