UFO Sighting in California on June 12th 2006 – Read my comment, PLEASE

I wasn’t sure how to fill out your form, but I am and have been watching shows about structures on the moon. I have been waiting for something I came across when some guy came on to a site I was on and said go to NASA’s site of the lunar topology maps that they had of the moon and zoom in and see what or if you could find anything. Because once they see or hear of anything it will be gone in 24 to 48 hours. So, I thought sure why not. Well I came across something that I have only showed a few people, but it is WITHOUT question a space ship. It isn’t a play in shadows or light. I took pictures with my cell phone from back then just in case it was removed. I went back to the site about 3 days later and it was gone. In the picture I took it shows the site and were it is on the moon it says right on it DE MOREAS. It is not something that can be passed off as anything but something that is built by somebody or something. All the stuff I have seen on these shows don’t even come close to what mine looks like. I even printed out a picture of the screen. If you are interested and you should be. This is without a doupt proof that someone or what ever. IS on the moon. Once you see it I think it will be the picture that shows something is going on up on the moon. The picture is from planetarynames.wr.usgs.gov/Lunar/lac_17_lo,pc the rest is off the adress bar. Like I said this can NOT be passed off as anything else. I am afraid to put this on here but give me an adress to send it to and a person with your organization. If men in black suits show up I am not answering the door. Not kidding. You have my phone number. I would prefere to hand it to someone or talk with you. I have alot more pictures of other areas. But this one is a one of a kind. When you see it you will understand why I say it is PROOF something is going on up there. Thank you for your time. I lived in Colorado at the time I found this.

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