UFO Sighting in Edgemere, Maryland on June 5th 2016 – Looking SSW from the deck I saw a brightly lit, square appearing object rise up slowly, going straight up to about the height you’d see a plane. It stayed in that one place about 10 minutes then descended slowly.

About 11:15 PM I went out on the deck. The deck is on the south side of the building. I caught sight of a colorful object rise (in the distance) over the building next door. It had very bright,large red, green, yellow and blue lights only on the bottom surface; it looked like a square. It continued to slowly ascend straight up without deviating forward or back, left or right. At this point I called to other people to come look at this and figure out what it is. There was no sound, no smoke or “tail”. It went up about as high as a passing airplane would and seemed to just stop and hover for a few minutes. Then it came straight down, slowly as it went up. It disappeared behind the horizon of the building next door. Several of us took pictures with our tablets and cell phones and when we looked each others photos, they all showed a small white dot. No color. As the object was ascending there was a commercial plane SSE flying away from the object.

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