HIRISE Captured Giant “Nephilim” Skeleton In Crater On Mars?

It is said Mars has been an off-site staging area for Nephilim invading the Earth.

The following enhanced color image captured by the Hirise camera on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the wall of the 3-kilometer diameter crater that occurs within the ejecta blanket of the much older Bakhuysen Crater, a 150-kilometer diameter impact crater in Noachis Terra on Mars.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona 

In the upper left of the crater wall you see something remarkable what looks like a giant skeleton partially buried under the dust.

It may be just a trick of the eye, but at first glance the object is very similar to the remains of a giant “Nephilim” skeleton.

To cite a quote from David Flynn who was a brilliant mind and one of the greatest solvers of the Bible’s deepest mysteries: “Once the fallen angels inhabited the planet Mars.”

link original image: http://static.uahirise.org/images/2016/details/cut/ESP_044902_1575-2.jpg

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