UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on December 18th 2015 – My boyfriend and I were looking across Lake Erie in the winter and saw a red light and a blue light zipping through the sky at each other. One red and one blue they seemed to be shooting at each other then one went down and disappeared.

We were looking over the frozen Lake Erie. It was dark out I’m not sure what time it was. We had no idea what the objects were they were far away over the USA across the lake. So what we saw was little lights. Just 2 one red and one blue. The seemed to be flying around each other and shooting at each other. One wheat down and disappeared. I think it was the blue one I can’t remember clearly. My boyfriend and I were freaked out we felt uncomfortable and scared we got in are car and drove home. We didn’t want them to come across the lake to get us.

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