USA FREEDOM ACT – Obama Urges Senate to Pass the USA Freedom Act Now

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USA FREEDOM ACT – Obama Urges Senate to Pass the USA Freedom Act Now

President addressed critical pieces of national security business that remained unfinished when the Senate left town. This Sunday at midnight, key tools used to protect against terrorist threats are set to expire. The USA Freedom Act strikes a balance between security and privacy, reauthorizing important measures that give our national security professionals the authorities they use to keep us safe, while also implementing reforms that enhance the privacy and civil liberties of our citizens. But currently, a small group of senators is standing in its way. The President asked Americans to speak with one voice to the Senate to put politics aside, put the safety of the American people first, and pass the USA Freedom Act now. If Congress, particularly Republicans in Congress, ever wants to improve its standing among the American people, it must abandon this habit of political gamesmanship.

Rand Paul (R-KY) said the reason he is fighting against the mass data collection of phone records of American citizens is because it is not being used to combat terrorism like promised.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time one of the sections is not being used for terrorists but is being used for domestic crime,” Paul said. “Outside the beltway people still do care about the Bill of Rights. One of the things that happens that does affect people’s civil liberty under the Patriot act, is 99% of the time one of the sections is not being used for terrorists but is being used for domestic crime. They promised when they passed this, we need to lower the standard, we’ll get rid of the Constitution, we can’t have constitutional exceptions for terrorists. Some of that I can accept, but the warning was this will be used on American citizens for other possible crimes. Section 213 of the Patriot Act, over 99% of the time is being used for domestic crimes. We gave up on the Constitution without even really understanding what we are doing.”

We give up on the Bill of Rights in this period of fear. I think we have given up on the soldiers who have fought so hard for our country.” The alleged tranche of documents was announced days before the US PATRIOT Act is set to expire. Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz said that between 2004 and 2009, the FBI tripled its use of bulk collection under Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which allows government agents to compel businesses to turn over records and documents, and increasingly scooped up records of Americans who had no ties to official terrorism investigations.

Backers say the Patriot Act powers are critical and must be kept intact, particularly with the spread of the threat from terrorists. But opponents have doubted the efficacy of Section 215, particularly when it’s used to justify bulk data collection such as in the case of the National Security Agency’s phone metadata program, revealed in leaks from former government contractor Edward Snowden. Congressman Peter King accused Senator Rand Paul of ‘spreading fear’ during his marathon Patriot Act ‘filibuster’ last night, asserting that, “we are not sacrificing any liberty” as a result of NSA spying.
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The governor, saying he’s the only official engaged in the national debate on whether to extend the Patriot Act who’s had “practical experience” using it, said his likely Republican White House rivals have not pointed to a single violation against innocent citizens under the controversial program. lone wolf wire tap snoop snitch big brother bulk meta data Paul, also a 2016 presidential candidate, expiring Patriot Act provisions. While the executive order giving the NSA broad spying authority was implemented in 1981 under President Ronald Reagan, the agency only began bulk collecting American’s phone records during the George W. Bush administration, via Section 215 of the Patriot Act. In 2011, Obama reauthorized certain provisions in the law. privacy civil liberty tools protect investigation “cell phone” conspiracy

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