UFO Sighting in Anchorage, Alaska on June 8th 2016 – 14 anomalous objects in the sky near Anchorage, Alaska.

While at Point Woronzoff park in Anchorage, Alaska on June 8th, 2016 I was filming with a high definition cinema camera for a documentary we’re making. Using a long lens (1500mm) I made a couple long pans of an Alaskan mountainscape in the distance. On arriving back at the office I reviewed the material and discovered something anomalous: a string of 13 oblong objects in the sky behind a larger one.

I viewed the previous take and the larger object was by itself and this previous shot was taken a scant minute before, if that. The larger object does bear a fuzzy resemblance to a helicopter, but the speed at which the other objects appeared is what motivates this report.

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