UFO Sighting in Gravenhurst, Ontario on June 8th 2016 – this happened ladt year approx same time of night and year except last year i watched it leave the planet. tonight i followed it then it just slowly dimmed its lights like it didnt want me to see it

I came outside to let the fog pee. I alwayslook up at the sky at night to see the stars. Anyways it looked unnaturally bright like last year. I noticed it moving slowly, I feel it knows I’m looking and following it. I want to see it up close. I encourage it to show itself better I actually talk out loud to it. Anyways I wasfollowing it it usually makes the llengthy of the building. Last year it it stoped hovered for a second then took off into space within less than a second . This year it faded it’s lights like it didnt want me to see it. I also felt when it’s lights went out like thete was another one to the south. I came inside then 10 min later the dog wouldn’t stop barking. I have seen en UFOs 4 times now in my life.

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