UFO Sighting in Na, on June 8th 2016 – 3 Anomolous Technological Objects Near Sun 8th June 2016

Hi to all,

I am reporting 3 objects seen surrounding Sun at about 1am Perth time on the above date.

One of these objects simply looks like a big Spaceship with a bulky body and chunky head section containing bright glaring or glowing light. This last craft seems to have a small ‘entourage’ following in its wake. The human equivalent that comes to mind is a ‘Nimitz Class’ carrier battle group..but thats just my imagination running away with itself!

Nevertheless, this last object looks powerful, technologically highly advanced, with details including two aft sections containing blocks of ‘lights’ and the solid head with brightly illuminated ‘window section’.

This of course is my subjective interpretation, but I can only ask: What other conclusion can one come to in describing this last craft.

It certainly does not qualify as an asteroid for instance.

Personally, when I zoomed in very close-up to the main object I was awestruck at what I was looking at. Quite stunned at the reality and implications of what I had ‘discovered’. My two impressions were 1. ‘It’s impressive”. 2. “It does not look especially friendly as such, perhaps even a little ‘scary’.”

FYI, I initially sent the images off to Secureteam10 because I have found their presentations on You Tube interesting in the past.

After thinking things through a bit more though I decided to submit this report to MUFON, because you are a body that needs to be informed.

Of course the main image is already in the public domain anyway via the SOHO websites.

Please let me know the outcome of your analysis plus impressions.

Kind Regards

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