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UFO news article:
Translation of News Article From ‘CLARIN,’ Buenos Aires,
July 7, 1965 ( text):


Quote from the news article:
“Numerous Personnel of the Antarctic bases of three nations: Argentina, Chile and Great Britain, in conditions of optimum visibility, observed (on 3 July 1965) the maneuvers of an unidentified ‘Flying Object.’ So state official communications from the area, including one from the Secretary of the Navy of our country. Independently, the ‘Clarin’ has communicated directly with the Decepcion Base, obtaining from the base commander the details of the sighting.

Santiago, Chile. 6 (Cables of AP AFP Reuter, ANSA y ‘Clarin Agency’) Argentine, British and Chilean military and scientific personnel sighted an unidentified flying object which gave off or glowed with a white light, at high altitude and came at considerable speed in a Southeast direction. The release indicates the object flew a zig-zag path and appeared to hover momentarily suspended in the air. The information caused commotion, when released to the public.”

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