UFO Sighting in Goddard, Kansas on September 30th 1969 – We stopped at the intersection, and a beam of light hit us from directly above, then shot off the horizon toNorth East

I was with my brother and sister, coming home from a school event. we stopped at the intersection be a beam of light appeared above us instantly. It was brighter than any light I’ve ever seen before, and was more of a beam because you could see the edge of the light on the ground approve around a 60 ft circle around the car. We froze and looked at each other, then I started to look up from the window, but it was so bright you could not look ar it. After approx 8 seconds, it streaked off the horizon to the northeast. When we got home and told our parents, my mother told us that another neighbor had reported a large strange light approx the same time as our sighting.

During that same time line from approx 1967 and 1970, there were a number of rural farmers that said they were finding round areas of fields or pasture ground that had what appeared as burnt or dead. It was also common for the local farmers and rural homes to talk to each other about strange lights in the sky.

after my experience with my brother and sister, I had a number of related nightmares, that these gray beings were coming in through the window and taking my brother.

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