UFO Sighting in Mahnomen, Minnesota on June 9th 2016 – two lights that I thought were stars dropped evenly straight down then disappeared.

I took my dog outside to my back yard, and I was looking at the stars, and particularly at the scorpious constellation, when I saw what looked like two stars suddenly appear on either side of another “star”,which I think is actually the planet Saturn. I had never noticed them before so I focused my gaze directly at the two stars which immediately began to fall straight down at an even speed with each other and then disappeared after only a few seconds duration. The two “stars” were not within the boundaries of the scorpious constellation, but rather a few degrees east and appeared on either side of Saturn. The lights did not blink, or wiggle or leave any visible trails like a flare would,nor did they become brighter and then fade like a shooting star or divide from a single point like a firework. They appeared exactly simultaneously dropped at an even rate and disappeared simultaneously like turning off a light with a switch.

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