GOOGLE SELLING BOSTON DYNAMICS – Google Thinks These Robots Are Terrifying & Bad Idea For Humanity?

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GOOGLE SELLING BOSTON DYNAMICS – Google Thinks These Robots Are Terrifying & Bad Idea For Humanity?

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. isn’t happy with Boston Dynamics, its robotics subsidiary. According to a report from Bloomberg, Alphabet executives think that Boston Dynamics is unlikely to generate substantial revenue in the next few years and is hard to work with. Toyota or Amazon could be interested in acquiring Boston Dynamics for their manufacturing or warehouse operations.

But even more interesting, internal messages at Google shows that the company itself is a bit scared by Boston Dynamics. We’ve all watched Boston Dynamics’ video last month with mixed feelings — there was a bit of excitement, sure, but also a lot of terror. These humanoid robots can fall and stand up again like in Terminator: Google director of robotics Aaron Edsinger said that working with Boston Dynamics was “a bit of a brick wall.” The Replicant project was reportedly shut down in December, with Google robotics engineers now working on other Google X projects. As for Boston Dynamics engineers, they’re now waiting for a new overlord.

Forget the roachbots and the swarm of MIT humanoid robots dancing in sync, as well as “disposable” quarter-sized kilobots which are “cheap enough to swarm in the thousands,” and think instead of DARPA-like tiny insect cyborg drones that are “designed to go places that soldiers cannot” to work as spies or as swarm weapons. Is this a mosquito micro air vehicle (MAV)?

needle to take a DNA sample with the pain of a mosquito bite. Or it could inject a micro RFID tracking device under your skin.” While DNA-sucking, RFID-chip-injecting mosquito drones are currently a bunch of bunk, a Bing image search shows a multitude of MAVs that aren’t simply CGI mockups. predicts that within 75 years people will have embedded microchips within their brain that will allow their behavior to be controlled by a third party. Robot Cyborg Humanity Robotics “Artificial Intelligence” Robots “Boston Dynamics” Terminator money company business investment “For Sale” “Business For Sale” scary video trends feelings future history humanoid employee 2016 2017 “Big Brother” world life lifestyle control power movie AI tech technology Sci-Fi jobs privacy project engineer engineering leadership elite drone “elite nwo agenda”

Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us, predicted that technological advancements in robotics would render most humans obsolete. The new Verizon commercial for the DROID DNA by HTC is kind of creepy. Especially for those who are weary of things that stink of a Brave New World. RFID “RFID chip” grinder biohacking “bio technology” tech technology implant ID identity computer cyborg 2015 2016 upgrade “high tech” humanity human “bio authentication” “do it yourself” business apple android security u.s. usa america invention future body control power surveillance lock biometric gerald celente trends in the news max keiser rt end game 1% 99% anonymous judge dredd billionaire bilderberg 2015 george soros rothschild rothchilds documentary channel 4 symbolism false flag attack bohemian grove secret society lucifer music video illuminati jay-z The Era of Trans-Human Technology grinders

By 2099, the entire planet is run by artificially intelligent computer systems which are smarter than the entire human race combined – similar to the Skynet system fictionalized in the Terminator franchise. Following Professor Noel Sharkey’s warning that the fleet of robots being developed for DARPA will ultimately be used to “kill people,” Boston Dynamics released a new video this week showcasing how its LS3 robot is able to autonomously track humans over rugged terrain. allowing such power-crazed individuals to hold the reigns of human progress will only lead to the total destruction of the entire race in the long term. Elysium, a new movie starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, depicts what many futurists have long predicted is mankind’s ultimate destiny – the division of the human race into two new class systems – a transhumanist elite that centralizes technological progress to achieve utopia, and a massive underclass left to rot on a dying planet ruled by robotic drones.

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