UFO Sighting in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania on June 11th 2016 – Orange orb — VERY bright and pulsating. Amazingly brilliant in color.

I went outside; I didn’t really need to for anything but I just thought it might be nice to walk a bit. I kept asking myself why was I bothering to go out. LOL. I remember coming back towards my apartment and saw this huge orange globe over the tree line which isn’t really that high up; I thought it might actually come towards me, but then it changed direction I was surprised by how close it got. When I first saw it I thought maybe it was one of those Chinese lanterns or a balloon of some kind but it seemed to transparent and too bright and solid looking. Something about it wasn’t indicative of a balloon. It almost appeared intelligent or curious in some way. It hovered and then it made a flawless climb up way past the clouds and disappeared. I just remember being very impressed by its brilliance. It was very beautiful and bright.
I felt a little sad as it left; I wished I could have had more time to look at it.

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