UFO Sighting in Carson, Washington on October 15th 1984 – Saw light in sky several miles away, making impossibly fast position changes over fairly large distances.

In October, 1984, I and my wife and two other couples were camping in the mountains about 20 miles above Carson, Washington at the start of deer hunting season. A little after dark, I and my two hunting buddies decided to take a powerful spotlight and drive up to an area a couple of miles from our camp to scope out a clearing by the road where we had seen several deer beds in the area that day, to decide if we wanted go on a stand there early the next morning.
This road was fairly high up in the hills and, because of the direction we parked, faced west down the Columbia River towards Troutdale and the Portland Airport, both of which we could see clearly. We hadn’t had anything to drink or that could impair our senses or powers of observation.
One of my friends, who was seated in the middle of the front seat between myself and our other friend and was therefore unable to see the clearing, was watching the lights of Troutdale and the Portland Airport and the lights of airplanes as they landed and departed.
Suddenly he exclaimed loudly “what the heck was that” and punched me and our other friend in the arm to get our attention. When we asked him what he had seen, he said “just watch the lights in the sky down by the airport”.
As we all watched the lights, one of them suddenly, instantaneously, jumped to the right, a distance that we all agreed was about one to two miles. It remained in that position for a short time, a minute or two, then suddenly jumped straight up about the same distance, remained at that height for a short time, then suddenly jumped downward about the same distance. These maneuvers continued for several minutes, each time leaving a brief streak on the retinas of our eyes . I and my friends all saw these maneuvers at the same time, exclaiming “Oh” or “what the heck” at the same time. We could also tell the light was moving towards us. It eventually passed over a hilltop to our left at a height of about 400 to 500 feet above our position. As it passed over, we heard a sort of HUM-BUZZ sound, unlike any airplane or helicopter we had ever heard. The light it emitted was a strong, white, non-directional glow, not a beam. We never saw the shape or size of the craft itself, just the bright glow of the light it emitted.
A few years later, about 1991, I happened to overhear a fellow employee talking to another employee about an experience he had one night while he was working working aboard a fishing boat in the Gulf of Alaska. As he described this experience, I realized he was describing, almost word for word, exactly the same thing my friends and I had witnessed in the mountains above Carson Washington in 1984.

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