UFO Sighting in Columbus, Wisconsin on June 11th 2016 – Uknown object trailing what appeared to be a passenger plane then take of toward space and disapeared.

I was at my home on my front lawn talking on the phone to my father. The sky is completely clear tonight and I was just looking up into the sky while walking around and talking to him. I have the exact time of when I received a call from my Dad so I included that in the report. Anyways I first observed what I think was a passenger plane Traveling North East from my city. I heard the noise of a jet engine so I looked up. It had a white light towards the nose and flashing lights underneath. Nothing uncommon, but after watching the plane while talking on the phone for a couple more seconds I thought I saw what looked like a satellite trailing behind it pretty close. I thought it was a satellite at first but it became brighter than the airplane so I thought this can’t be a satellite it was too bright. It was a complete white ball of light is what I can best describe it as. But the light was brighter than the white light on the airplane. After watching it for a while trying to figure if it was satellite I observed it slow down and create distance between itself and plane for maybe 30 seconds. What was the strangest was after the airplane was out of sight I saw this light look like it stood in place and then became dimmer and dimmer smaller than the stars behind it and just completely faded away. I don’t know if it was a jet behind the plan but I only heard the engine of the passenger plane and there was no sonic boom or any other noise.

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