UFO Sighting in Mount Morris, Illinois on June 11th 2016 – Woke up in White Pines Campground Uncomfortable on new air mattress decided to unzip tent door and use use restroom and saw orb through the trees about 100 ft above boy-girls campground .

1. trying to unzip tent door on my knees looking eastward at trees behind our campsite … 2. it was pitch dark and the glow caught my eye 3. first a high powered flashlight but way to big for that it moved like a EKG wave … but then it floated like a up and hill then down a hill 4. A very bright orb behind the trees it was gone in 5 seconds it was in the east moving south … just wondering if their was any other reports our campsite was in Cedar Ridge # 6 campsite White Pines … has their been any activity reported at White Pines … the girl scout-boy scout camp was 50 feet below us add in the trees my guess about 100 feet off the ground … it was like a backlight in the trees … no Helicopter – no plane noise … the camp was silent .. no generators running …

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