UFO Sighting in Arizona on June 13th 2016 – NOT an airplane though in SE departure end of TIA – silver craft heading east fast brightened light a bright silver ball and disappreared

This is a recount of my girlfriend’s encounter this morning. She wouldn’t report it herself but told me I could if I wanted. Not a BSer. She works nights and was tired driving home. Driving due south, at I-10 at 8:25am. She was texting me while at red lights on her way home. She said she saw UFO. Definitely not an airplane. She was instantly (and groggily) pondering “What could that be? Because it isn’t an airplane.” We are VERY accustomed to seeing aircraft there as departure end of Tucson Intl traffic is a constant presence out that way. She said it was a little higher than aircraft that you see leaving TIA there. I used to be a USAF aviator. I think the traffic there is usually about 2500 AGL. “It was faster than airplanes.” It was “shiny or reflective and round like a ball.” Heading due “east”, “fast,” “it got super bright and vanished.” “Kinda freaked me out.” She had zero doubt it was not an airplane or anything she’s every seen before. “About a mile away.” “3 inches down from the top of my windshield” which would probably be 30 degrees up. At “about a mile away”, that’s a bit lower than 2500 AGL.

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