UFO Sighting in Newark, Ohio on June 13th 2016 – early evening, no clouds in the sky,clear blue sky,I saw 4 white trails of planes or jets at the same level,side by side caught my attention, i saw 3 silver dots,in front of chase planes then gone

I was sitting in my backyard at 7pm, a clear blue sky, no clouds & no wind just enjoying the night. I was facing the west and just looked up in the sky when I noticed 4 contrails,smoke clouds, moving fast against the sky eastward. They were moving at the same level not like a regular airliner, too low. The 4 planes were moving side by side at the same altitude. I noticed that the jets kept pace with the silver or white discs that were front of only 3 of the jets. I ran to the front of my house which faces the east and the jets seemed to stop their pursuit. I did not hear any noises from any of the jets or the silver discs. It is the first time I have seen that many planes/jets that close together and moving at such a fast pace. I was so surprised to see this on a clear evening, a disc being chased by jets, and one plane was to that right not in the same formation, a bit off center.

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